Sunday is so usual and quiet. Mom went to the work as the other seller was ill. And I was left at home alone. Alone with my themes for russian literature’s exam. In spite of all things I spoke about living full life, practically I cannot to act so. Sometimes it is managed, but in ordinary case I seat (as today) and try to understand how to entertain myself. I went for a walk to the trade centre. There was much books to glow through but I was looking for english classical one. Lately I buy books rather seldom. Is the reason on my being a student or being in this age of intended independence? I do not know. Maybe everything because of policitic – so typical idea. But I have nothing to worry about, much things people spend money for I replace with tennis and huge purchases. I perfectly remember how nauve girls was in December when economical fun was exerted. This is the boring theme.

My cat is going to die. She is sitting now at the floor and shiver. We know it from herĀ entire condition and the doctor’s verdict. With no any desire to think about death and life in fact I often found out myself doing it. Generations replace each other and something changes so fast. Look at young silly girl with her two children among greenish of the yard or on the girl of our course who are going to be a mom. In twenty years that persons will be young and ambition. And we are now so older and older, soon or even now will be adults.

Such reflections set me on today life. (Don’t want to write pathetical)


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