Colour sketches’ day

What a clarity today! Even with thoughful morning when I glew through images of documentary films. About public schools in England. What can I say? There are many questions about social justify but I like to observe that boys and teachers. No any real unpleasantness I have, but the inspiration to move forward to act and to do my best. The image of elegant dressed clever, but perky boys is kind of things I like to see in this world. People from usual schools and common society are often try to proof themselves that they are not who they really are. And much things helps in such business. In this place that are gold cheap jewerly, Iphone, fashion dresses sewn from a bad fabric and plastic sun glasses. That’s why I glad to know there are people who can wear themselves very good (I mean not just in fashion, but elegantly)
In the college there have been F today. To my surprise and joy. People of his age are seldom changed by girls like me, and I don’t try to make him teaching another way. I try to be tolerable and gently. And stitching need information. Recently my friendly way of connection has been a little thing to be glad about.
Also Br told us about their trip to academies. His view wasn’t amazing for me in points I know, but in points have no any notion that was. I mean the situation when the centre of traditional art and Culture replaced from St.Petersbourg academy to Glazunov’s academy in Moscow. About the institute I was going to enter he said no praising word. But one was for another I thought else. And to my surprise I have the opportunity to enter in both of them. Lucky turn!

Tennis exhusted me with new exersise and nonstop game with the all players. But fresh air of the evening, grass and lilac turned everyone to live, to breath and to walk a little.


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