Morning with the picture. New information

Drops of rain were knocking at the roof when I woke up. Silence of green trees and water. Contemplation on quietness in morning flat. I like such moments when I can write and drink coffee in the kitchen while early buses are getting by people to work. There was so fresh and soft air that no one bad think could visit me.
Surprise was when I had been painting half of an hour. It was pain in legs allegadly I had been working three hours nonstop. While the hall was almost empty and quiet I worked with concentration and clarity. After the dinner when I tryed to get some rest it had been harder and harder to keep standing by the easel. Of course I’d sat.
The other side of the day was begun when Ksenya went. She told much things about entering to institutes. All of us know that notions under a skin but when we are standed in front of such reality it doesn’t so clear as we presumed. Since today I have been knowing the price of budgetary places in the capital’s institutes. And most of them are reserved. Ha ha ha – one is laughing outside. This is true because of not only her words but because of references other girl’s parents did. I felt myself a little pressed, but mood of morning didn’t allow to enter the slack inner. Girls were sad too. And I had been researching more information during avoid before the tennis.
Today we played open air, but in other contain of groups. I was admitted to the weaker one. But the sets took me fully and I entirely had forgotten about day time’s delibirations. I had some wins and failure too. But an air of evening court and trees was so fabilous, and nighty life of the centre was so romantic. Oh.


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