Procrastinating day

Althought the morning was busy and active time after the hospital was blur. I went to the book store to dispel my mind. Outdoors windy air of coolness was blowing through the main street. The time was of my classical being alarmed and thoughtful. In front of computer screen different information about entrance exams had been read until the whole internet in the town was turn off. And the letter which I should had been written earlier was done. After address lines and sealing the envelope my inner relieved. There is something wrong in restraining doubts, pains and bad kind of information from friends and ourselves.
And I had an unexpected call to me. It was London number, and in fact the call practically was useless. But for me such things are huge gifts and signs of heaven, a bit of air what I need in such days like this. (Romantic and naive I know) Also the theme of literature absorbed me as very modern, infinite maybe. Reading about very “funny” lives of Gogol and Nekrasov, my own life outlined out of obscurity. It will vex me before the very end of exams.
Everything is OK, my fire burns and lights some remains of decrepit buildings.


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