Diploma. Good days

Such a wonderful day of light. Early in the morning there was so tranquill to write and to drink coffee. Then I went out and met pupils in their uniform (so different and stylish – pleasure for my eyes) going to take their exam with bottles of water, some papers and passports. Passing through them and staring on details like pink stickers in notebooks or quiet talks between boy and girl. There was some entire beautiful and harmony what was noticable under the soft sunlight on the main clear road where youth were going to take exam and enter in the other life. I knew exactly that they were from my own school. That was very glarious.
College’s time I begun with some little talks to be in touch with few persons. In fact I was heartily inspired and full of energy to live. I worked on main pieces and details with attention and joyful. Usual negative affection of my tutor receded into background and I could speak little more polite. Thirty minutes three tutors had spend in front of my picture thinking about a frame and ended on my first decision.
At the evening to step at calm staircase and use our own sink blew some nice senses of prettiness. Certainly this time of diploma is excellent. Almost everybody has some work to finish, to finish and close door. That’s why we talk without any tea and still talk as in little time we will be dispelled at different sides.
This is my own sentimentalism with attain to have beautiful life. I remember the whole five years but this final days are so different and so open, so quiet.
Keep silence! Do not frighten glory away!

Also I won the second place in today’s competition of tennis. I’m very very glad! Of course I should not to relax but keep my eye on the game. This is the good sign. (If you saw tennis player in the moment he serves a ball you might note now much thinks flight through his mind)


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