7 days before the defence of the diploma (La-la-la)

Tennis does really relieve separate me from the whole day’s anxieties.

As I woke up early I had seated in front of my diploma report at eight o’clock. That happened to be very productive hours for getting ready. After hot dinner I went to take my frame from the store. Big, but thin woody frame which I carried college through the bay. Unfortunately it didn’t suit to my canvas. Scatter mind, inaccurate measurement and the difference of five millimeteres. Though the price was small and I can order the new one.

The other point I want to touch is relationship. After months being in the hall I had had rises and falls of friendliness to my classmates. And this is fall. My positive notion came to me not so often as usual, I mean the basic idea of this time’s endness. To work on details was so tiresome with sounds of silly talks. Even when we were discussing the banquet I saw how unready some girls was. They told stories of decieve for economy. So trivial and remarkable to understand a nation’s character. That discussion was so louthsome and hard to speak that I was nervous even when was chaging dresses for tennis. But there had nothing remained after the training in the perfect weather condition.


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