6 days before the D.

This is not fanny thing about my cat. My mum and me are going to take her for the last way. Sadly but it is the only way to help her. She is laying on the floor without any move.

But this day was started with the trip to the art score where I met Nastya. She was dwelling between frame patterns while I did my new order. To my own surprise I kept my usual friendliness and talked easy about prices on frames and anything else. Through the sunny streets to the store it was tranquill to go and look up.

Time in the college had been blurred into one obscure spot. People were going in and out, were talking or working the whole day. I tried to work, to concentrate, but actially I thought only how I had tired with this picture (usual step of diploma). It didn’t so tiresome to paint but to be in that hall where everything was buzzing.

In the town some European competition are going to begin tomorrow and that’s way the Bay was filled with people, flags, banners and screens. Main streets had been mending the whole days before the opening. I saw Germans taking photos of fountain and continued to sing unexisted french song.


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