5 days before D day.

After so much time I waste watching videos on Youtube (on production design) I’m here.

Day was started with phrase of my mum: “The cat has gone to dad”. She was the most weak at the yesterday evening when nor a move was made by her. The body like a real toy was laid on balcony until fastly I took it and went for mum. Near by her work place under a shruberry we were digging a hole and put her down. The whole time sun shone on grass and light walls of houses. Our talks wasn’t sad but optimistic and alive. At the very morning I could cry on this point but later no tear appeared. This end was the only one for her.

In the college we all have our pictures almost done. But buzz still in the air of the hall where we paint and eat. As I planned my days one by one my condition became more quiet and calm (sleepless night because of neuroses). At the midday it had been known that my new frame was ready. And I went through the heat of the Bay to take it.

There was still a girl I know – Kate. She reproached me little on my mistake with meisure. We went out to the front porch and told about education. It isn’t surprise for me that no really good education is in The Pedagogic University. She complaint much on dull teachers and rubbish session’s system. But then I just muttered something about college and we parted.

The frame suited perfectly and with high speed I paint it in the right colour. I don’t know what will say our master but it seems good. The huge deal is remained to write my speech.


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