Five days before the D day

Hard emotional day of stir and jitters. I woke up late in placid room of mine, where I was writing my pages and drunk coffee. But the quietness of the morning changed with a ste to the college. I met at the doors my literature’s teacher who really wondered about my business. I was surprisingly glad.
The assembly on diploma defence was good but turned on some neurotic senses. We were explained the points of the process, the details and the order of presentation. I am defending at the second day firth. Then after clarity of explaination it begun a stir. Everyone immediately had deals to do, the manager was going to and fro appealing us to wash the floor at the hall (No, thank you). I felt that there was no reason to stay longer and sat in the bus to go home.
Evidently I had scatter emotional mind which stopped my skills to be active. (My central failure) I wrote texts to Nastya who arrived at the town today.
Then I put mysel together and wrote the basic part of the speech I will speak.
This day snown me like weak and neurotic I would be in stressful situations. I should overcome this in future.


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