A day before the first D day.

New day before the especial event. Morning was very idle because of talk with mom.

As it is the republic’s day streets are empty but the Bay is populous. Through bright banners about different parts and different type of people in that location I was going through with senseless. As the town tries to become touristic place to compensate the whole production’s absense. By the way I was in the black blouse and light skirt.

The college expectedly was empty. Zhenya cought me in the workshop and we begun merry talks on daily themes. In the other workshop I found out Mary upset after the storm called “Tutor”. He was childishly rude and intolerable. I really understood her as yesterday I had his call about my speech (only a draft of full speech). That was a bucket of slop what poured on me, but not professionally notices to get it much much better. That’s why me and Mary were so solidarity about his nature and our own.

As immediately I had known a point of news one appeared himself. K. came back from army and decided to visit us. Such moments I hate russian tradition to embrace with everybody (I do not prefer it at all). I tried not to look confused as I surprisingly had been. But in few minutes he had talked about his year I was appeased with my sense of soul’s silence and clear understanding of my own mind. And the whole day before I went out that all had been quiet, but ridiculous and inconvinient to work.

About work. The other tutor (who is more tutor that the real one) came to me and said that I had much danger to spoil the picture and I should not work more. And as soon as I’d done little strokes he’d specified I begun to pack the all things I had there. Those happened to be too heavy for a nice girl in the light skirt. Devided part was taken and I directed downstairs. Little surprise was to hear wondering question from K. But I’m free and will be free out of obscure mind.
This evening I’m going to meet with Nastya. And later at weekends with Sasha.

I made an appointment with a hairdresser and the only point I should do is my speech. Let’s write!

P.S. As I write three times a day I thought about some optimization of process. That’s why I will write about my day, then about progresses in my purposes (Preparing to exams, self-development etc) and at the end of the page there’ll be some chaotic rubbish I will hide under “see more”. Such kinda notes help me to devide good useful ideas and emotional blur. I’m not sure in the usefulness of such approach but I should try.


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