The first day of diploma’s defence is gone.

I woke up at three and firty five minutes at the morning with the only fear to oversleep such responsible day. That’s why when I was standing in front of the mirror eyes were red. The whole morning I tryed to clear my own mind from buzz of thinks and words I spoke or not to Nastya yesterday. By the way we had wonderful evening with fairworks at the end of.

So I worn my white dress and casual heels. People in a bus were going to the beach carefree.

I appeared at the hall downright in time and sat by Lena. We and Sasha who join us later had some little talks about diploma and our own businesses. Once again Sasha found out to be a nice friendly girl with heap of professionalism when we discussed study. In another moment I change a seat to talks with Nastya. Today I wasn’t so chatty as yesterday. My head splitted and mind hovered somewhere. And basically I couldn’t remember what we were talking about. Almost the whole speeches of tutors, teachers and graduates were quiet and little boring. The one thing what comforted was brevity of speeches. That defense happened to be short time.

The much interesting thing happened with us later. We went out of the collegeĀ to take some photos with our relative photographer. All of us except Kate (who had already defensed) were so pressed and moveless that the most of photos had just the different backgrounds. But when we went down to the river bank girl discerned known yacht and the same boy there as years before. He invited us to swim little. With much doubts we went and were so amazed to have another condition. Fresh air of the Volga, light of Sun and photos of us. The boy turned on such inspiriting music that in a moment I’d felt such freedom of life, such deserve to enjoy those minutes. After that little trip we were basically others, more relaxed, more funny. The fact of our own defense tomorrow disappeared in freshness of air.

How earnest the day was the way home was still the same. I ever have the same trainig of tennis tonight.


The stressful situations, talks with different people, anxiety about the other students. No work, no study for exams.


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