To say something about this day.
I woke up with sounds of rain what was bitting out of the window. Quiet violet rain what I like mostly. Pinterest’s pictures helped to become positive and easy.
After lunch I’d known some information and bought new stretchers for old pictures.
Yesterday I had sorted out the whole my pictures of the last four years. And that was very surprising for me. I saw excellent painting at the second and the beginning of the third years, as excellent and alive that if I did that way lately I would got better success. Drawings haven’t evident progress. And studies appeared in so much amount that I could only be terrified. The heap of cartoons, canvas, papers fitted under the bed.
Back to today. After I’d made the canvas I had some free time during what I discussed plans with N. We decided to meet. The next meet will be only in August. I was reading a book when she entered the bus and sat beside me. And together we arrived to the place. New districts soon changed with forest and the road. In the world of trees and grass we became calm and quiet. Talks lost their sharpness. We just spent our time with each other. Little picnic with pizza at the backside of the monument was strange but unforgetable.
To evening I got cold and decided to stay at home instead of open air tennis.
Informations for the sertificate, made canvas, the poem, reading journal, meet, writing, reading.

Sleeping eyes after early awake. Mom is making cucumbers at the kitchen. Dufficult but intrige news about Greece. Tomorrow is going to be hard working, but I should think about my look for photos on awarding of the diplomas. Irina will bring me pro photos tomorrow. I should make a list of things I will take in Moscow. I want to buy notebooks, pens and other stationary’s stuff. I have fifteen minutes no more. As I said to N that I want to have been at Holocoust monument in Berlin she amazed and changed a themes as usual. She also said I’m workoholic who plans even meets – partial true. And I couldn’t speak about abstract themes of art and morality as my mind entirely in the entrance’s point. Tomorrow I will have been inside of the college the first time after friday. Until I want only to change place, faces, lifestyle not to feel autumn blues of nostalgia inner. I’m in process not in reflections. I begun the reading journal today, while it kills much time but I should try it to know weither it helps or not.


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