Strange enough but I can’t concentrate on task of writing a post here. Am I excited with today’s events? I think partiality yes.

At the morning pinterest woke me up again but inspite all I overslept hour of running. At usual route to the college I felt such inspiration of future that I smiled looking at the Bay and imagined nice colours of today, tomorrow etc.

Inward there was stir. I looked messy with oily hair, sport boots and casual “sack” dress. But it didn’t prevent me to do necessary things. I passed my student bus ticket and the card. With no sadness or regret. Most last students were running to and fro, but I couldn’t find a nook for myself. Ceremony begun as usual. I observed how secretary and girls sorted diplomas out, how they scheduled everymen in a book. As the weither was rainy and grey the hall lighted with electric lamps and through the opend window it was blowing fresh air. Honestly I smiled and was glad to applaud everyone. Simple but pretty ceremony (with gimn what turned saddenly off) had ended fast and we stood at one moment and went out. Then we photographed with papers, talked and did nothing. Young course invited us to the study where the table and the screen had already been ready for sitting and having funny time. That was student’s culture with songs I heard the first time but most song along, with jokes and familiar relations. Such moments I’m so odd, I’m out of reality but in some film I watch through eyes.

In the fund Britvin helped us to take pictures for some time. And of course wonder where I’m going to enter. I answered and got very good reaction. He passionately pointed at me without word and everything shown he thought that was great idea. Then he certainly said they will rip my hands and welcome. As a good man he prevented me about Moscow’s things (I know…) but smiled on my own reaction. He was so organized, so polite with anyone who went with their own needs that I only admired. My pictures were found and packed in the folder. And I went out of the college…

The road to home was good. Heavy bags didn’t prevented me from the sense of gladness. I song improvisations.

Packed portfolio, taken away things. New recipe for dinner. Methods for stydying. Inspiration for changes.


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