Without certain business what would spend most of my time I begin to feel myself sad. Yes, I see that sadness is a result of emptiness, idleness and moveless. Walking on streets I look at faces trying to find a familiar face.
But actually I woke up early and quickly went out to hospital. I don’t know how, but to the opening of the Mall I’d done all I expected. Empty halls, shops were opened only for me and no more else. But no one jeans was liked me.
At home nothing had been done. My enthusiasm about russian literature became cold. Books presumed as modern don’t inspire me but push.
One hour in the hospital between heap of people with claims was like a night of fight. Such moment of meet with local mentality are least favour. My mind is flying between morality and benefit through culture’s level and I behave myself very different in every next time.
Book store turned out to be my place of power. As usual.
Today I’m entirely more slack and slow then later but I’d understand that I should have some my own rest when I can and need. That’s why I enjoyed the film of Wright “Anna Karenina”. Since first cadres I fell in love with that style, beauty, photography and actors’ work. I could say much but I should sleep in time.
I decided to taste a journal of films I watched.


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