So it soon will have been a week since I went home. This time naturally helped me to come to my senses, plan the rest of the summer and think about the whole year at all.

The first thing I want to say that all my sadness comes from lack of communication and businesses. I really become moveless without bussinesses to do (I mean something meaningful not routines). Almost the first thing I’d done being normal I washed the work table and all my study shelves. There was a great deal of papers and notebooks, sketchbooks to sort out and throw out of eyes. Now I have the (almost) perfect workplace.

The same time my mind full of optimistic thoughts and little fears. Here in this town I see no perspective nor desire to move forward. There is life so slow and dark, so far from real action life that I begin to think about my own actions.

Until I haven’t enrolled on english course, but I did the sketch for designer’s portfolio composition.


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