LIfeless and tumblr

So I shirk from my writing obligations too much to justify myself.

After much of anger and depression yesterday I woke up with other senses. Instead of morning pages where I didn’t know what to write I made some expressive sketches to set my mind free. And this is the better way to start a day.

And there is no so much louthsome being in trolley bus if you are sketching. And I finally was doing it.

Mmm… how to say that I feel some strange confuse as I don’t feel like writing about my life. Maybe this is a little part of time I wanna to keep my senses within or talk about it face to face with friends. Otherwise I have no lifeful days now and I really incline to replace to tumblr and write more about films and books I’ve done than about my own life. But to be honest these parts are near to each other and there wound be no harm to me in no speaking about senses etc. I have my morning pages for casual notes.


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