Old folders. But new view.

Being excited since the very morning I was sitting with nervious hurry in front of my notebook. As I called to the Uni everything had perked up. I run to the bank with new music with new headphones. In such condition evidently I run to a bus not wait for another.

And after the dinner my dusty folders and bags with papers and canvas had been fetched up. This was the second time I sort out my pictures and the second time I was surprised with them. It’s amount and sometimes quality amazed. Why did I believe all that men who talked their usual sceptic verdicts? Why did I believe that scores means anything? How could I be so blind? My works was the best at the end of second course and the beginning of the third but then it was evidently recession. Why? The answer is so simple that I can only laugh at. The lost faith at myself, my abilities, possibilites etc. Maybe laziness but not the primary point. And I make the notion that things few persons speak, think and make you believe are just things few persons do. Not an ultimate true or a final conviction. One should take easy and recieve clear information on farther movements.

The heaps of the pictures filled the flat reminded me how exsited and active I was. Otherwise it was so evidently for me to do my best as it was a passion. Partly that was me what I like to be.

That was funny to act especially with the positive film on background (“Morning glory”,”September issue” – both secondly within the week)

To be woken up!


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