Working at saturday

Today is my second time at work in this year.

Morning was brightly lighted and we drunk coffee with waffles in cheerful sunrays. I was hurry to iron the blues but was late finally. Doesn’t matter. The first part of the day appeared to be more calm than the second. I read “Time” and learned the words. But to the midday there was much more people to print photos or make a copy. Strangely but I remarked that see that one want to copy with the first view. I smiled (if it was remarkable) and was polite. Long time I couldn’t go out to have a dinner. Firstly I was waiting for a familiar than others went and made me busy. But when I left the store there were shining sun and fluttering air. Mom is so delicate with me in moments I allegadly useful for family.

The second part of the day had no interesting accident and fortunately no freaks. Maybe just me looking through photos of a girl. Image of her perfect life in pictures in 10×15. Study at local university, relationship with of indian student, trips to Moscow, Saint-Petersbourg and Kazan. Friends and parents. Typical but happy life. I presume she has no ambition or great dream to be the best of her profession. She’s moderate and looks at life with usual eyes. I mean she is maybe the result of her homelife. Sweet and convinient, sometimes boring, sometimes sad or fun. But her life like a constant stuff where everything is understood. That is like happy life looks like.

Mom came early as it happened raining. We both stirring printing photos and moving things to go. I went out the first and was amazed with fresh air outdoors. Everywhere were wet roads and trees but so light air to breath and so sweet smell to relax.


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