This was the real first day at work.

Morning was coloured in windy grey. I went to work imaging myself at Scotland again. I had been being there only for three days but now every time when it’s strongly the wind blows and green trees are staggering I see the Edinbourg’s streets. It’s walls of stones and affectionate hills of silence. I see black sharps of chapels and narrow nooks.

At the work there were warm air and huge deal of tasks to do. My perfectionist suffered from high speed of work which expelled little mistakes. At the dinner I came home and saw the sun appeared out of clouds. Much oxygen to breath and take ease. Little gardens in local yards and tranquility at the flat. Warm light with cold air.

At the office there was electric blue light of lams and computer screens. Papers’ cuttings and pieces, tasks to print and sheets to cut. It was so boring to cut the series of leaves (with pictures and descriptions of flowers and trees for the sellers) but so energy to print the whole fifty hundred leaves for few minutes. At the end of the day it appeared to be the huge profit for this one day. Much more than usual. And such point was the perfect one to feel good when I came out on the evening cool streets where everything was so pretty. But I’ve really tired.


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