I woke up really early even counting minutes of getting up from magic warmness of blanket. It was the grey trees and cold air outdoors. Allegadly that shouldn’t be a summer at all.

At the first half of the work day I found myself without a face of energy and love to life. There was everywhere stress what ocurred with diversity and changes of tasks. I made stupid mistakes trying to be faster and got upset. But that was funny to see the black cat who crawled there  At the dinner break I couldn’t smile going through wet misty streets. There it had bloomed flowers yet but the hand of autumn had already clawed the power. I was just lie on the sofa after fast eating with no great tasks or something else. No run to be in time.

The hardest task of the day was to cut papers in pieces. I mean of course two thousand leaves of paper. It had almost killed me to tighten the valve but then it appeared to be much easier, not easy but easier. We talked with another girl a little and pretty relations had been fitted. I noticed that she regard to her work with suffient amount of resposibility but without perfectionism to redo done tasks. But her approach of not hasting with customers makes good results. Everything is clear, datas are understandable. But I myself lost the key information in the chaos of another datas like look, and persons themselves. I like to observe faces.

To the end of the workday there were no task to do (so divine!), and I just went to mom to talk went to turn off light, and printers.

Streets the same time was full of humidity. Micro drops were hovering in the air allegadly the air itself got wet. My chest could breath freely and my mind fly at every way. No so logic as at work (case with mathematic task). I like such weather not only because of its nice influence on my physical condition but else as a picture of romantic vagueness of life.


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