At the work

It is so strange to have no work at the work that time is seemed going so slowly.

This morning was wonderfully sunny, but sun decieved us with soft light and quiet wiggling leaves. The temperature was about five digrees. The flat kept silence and I could have a perfect morning without any irritation. Immediately I percieved the spirit of the film “Paris” I often watch at autumn. And because of rememrance of it’s music, colour and mood I wanted to wear a dress and look better. Luckily the bus arrived soon and I delighted a joy of feeling myself as in some film with slanting rays of light from windows. Maybe it’s a sense of me as a visitor in the world of dirty buses and old passengers.

To the moment I came to the work the whole play “Pigmalion” had been listened. Very lucky. At the office there was nobody but the designer who exited from vacation and didn’t know anything. Also there was and is no customer to be busy. Allegadly he frighten them with his presence. I observed his manners and could make not joyful inferences. He’s a passive labour man, but certainly lazy and slow. His style of conversation with customers is rude and shy the same time. He doesn’t interested in add work even if it bring more revenue. Actually as an active element I should ask what happens, what to do and how to do it. But but but. I feel confused about leading him to do anything. I’m not a manager or head of tipografia, entirely I’m only a daughter of the shopkeeper.

Now I realize that it better to have much work than to have it insufficient. There is some enjoy in doing good the work you earn money from.


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