It is inconcivable but this day is rather idle than working. Before the dinner I had sorted boxes with paper out and throw the litter away. But at the dinner I even didn’t wanted to return. For what? Really I am not needed by them. My goals are about information for exams and courses some calls I did and book I read excited.

At the streets it is so autumn-like that there is no hint of being still summer time. I like such fresh weather but instinctively I regret about time we have leaked out. This is the regular lesson to learn. Plan summer, write real list of little pleasures to do. Like eating fresh salads, swimming, rising with sunrise, walking more and more, run as it is good time for delight it. And travel. I know myself feeling every september that we’re going to Berlin at November and every May – to Lazur shore. But counting real I can trip to the next republic’s capital. Now I’m in fancy about preparing to exams and moving nonstop.

My realization of recent time that my own happiness is in process. Happiness is not a condition but movement, changes for better. The clever notion I took from one Youtuber. We can’t control the result but we can control the process to take the result. The outcome will never be perfect but we should be still active in our life as it is the small part we really can lead. Rule what you can rule.


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