Trip to the theatre

Yesterday I went to the theatre with my classmate Mary. Before coming there I had been running to and fro at the flat being in hurry to be in time. Naturally that when I came at the plain road to the place there were enough time, fresh orange air of evening and me ready to meet anyone.

She was later in her grey heavy jacket, new glasses and not groomed hair. Entirely boring grey colour. But our talk wasn’t that way. It appeared to be so fascinating to discuss news and present life. Evidently that there’s no vacancy called “artist-painter” in this world and totally employers do not prefer to employ people without working experience. We understood each other as both looked through the same announcements. As I had seen she had no desire to apply at any university, maybe she’s little lost and didn’t know what to do. Basically her reflections were pessimistic. Her work is located at the hangar on the outskirt of the city and like me she become tired at work and has no willingness to do anything after. She does cut letters for sign boards and to her opinion luckily has no connection with customers. On her background I looked enthusiastic and absorbed into the movie’s world. My little activities became a sign of my being still alive, still developing.

On other girls I can say that Nastya and Kate don’t work, Zhenya and Irine fortunately entered at univerisities they wanted to go and the rest of ex-students are left at the university of life.

I couldn’t concentrate on the stage at the begin of the act. But when the plastic story of creator and his creation turned to be more active and dramatic the whole audience couldn’t avert their eyes. It seemed to me little short.

After the action unexpectedly one approaches to us to say Hello. She was Nastya. Really ironacally. But such turn of the evening seemed to me great as we could discuss watched threesome. And of course it’s liked me as shown me to both that I’m not a lonely gloomy person.

We were going to the bus stop at the fresh evening roads. I smiled sincerely allegadly that was a breath of air in routine life. Theatre as cinema always has some magic power to return me into the world of my real life.


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