This day is very pretty. At the morning it was in simple grey colour outdoors. Nothing was especial just a usual autumn weather at the second day of one.

Few morning hours I killed in search for quests’ and other information. I had found everything.

My storyboard is going with speed of three sheet in a day or nine cadres a day. Recently everytime I drawn was exciting I felt high spirits inner. But today there was a moment every human being has in every business. I mean tiresome and laziness. Those are not avoidable in any work. And of course I sat and did what I planned to have done. With every leave I see more and more little details what have those importance. Attantion in first reading is a key to do mindful work from the first cadres to last. I say it because I started with picture of the window outdoor, we see the main character from the street. But later I understood how stupid it was as certains were drawn. It was written in the lines about him opening the window. The moment of study.

Tomorrow we are going to the quest I have reserved just now. It was so chaotic to text girl, to invite them etc. But I did it and very pleased.


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