After yesterday’s celebration I woke up about to go to work. But it amazed my mom as she intended to make some work without me. Ok. My free day. (Half of what I was cooking and cleaning up)

Yesterday before going out of the flat to celebrate I watched “Paris” again. And again it’s atmoshere involved me into that world. Without reasons I was little upset and when I arrived at the destination much earlier I tryed to dissipate that mood out. In the shadow of trees and on the bus stop there everywhere I felt that french mood of autumn.

At the first view I hadn’t recognised the girls coming to me across the road. But than it had been so warm to meet again. Conversations appeared to be much easier to keep up. Kate studies to make manicure and Nastya is in search of regular job. They all took me the gifts what I presumed but didn’t hope.

In the site of the quest (where we came little early) we could sit and drink tea with cookies and speak loud about our businesses. I told something about my little goals as they were much interested and intrigued after instagram’s posts of mine. Surprisingly but I could speak free and take ease.

The Quest itself was the great. As soon as we came to the first room everyone had forgotten the purpose of being there. And we just began to observe, look for something. Often we were like monuments. Really moments of smart actions changed with dull standing and observing the safe or something like that. The last room was so dark under the winking gloomy light and so straining with pressing music. And the key moment had come. We opened the last safe’s door and unexpectedly it was dumped the mannequin. I cryed a little, girls and Mary cryed so long and so loud that we were in a little shock of her. But than we had to crawl into the dark tunnel to come out. Then we were laughing, making photos, talking and being so enjoyed that couldn’t be silent.

But outdoors it was raining. The first cafe was closed on repair and we directed to the other one. There it were salads, ice-cream, bottle of wine and talks, talks, talks. I didn’t expect but the wine in amazing way cleaned my mind and I could direct every talk fluently, think fast but speak also ineptly. But when we moved out my head had been spinning and I felt myself really drunk (after two glasses of wine!!).

That was wonderful evening what confirms my think that something is always better than nothing.


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