English lesson 1

I’ve just come from my first lesson of english. And like the defence of diploma it was the attraction too. My teacher is self-confident and very artistic in her way of explaining. We did some little exercises from the exam itself right then. And of course I wasn’t ready to talk about the increasing interest in space. But I did. She praised me a little for fluently speaking (with huge deal of mistakes) even if I had no words enough to tell properly. I did the common mistakes in speeches but as she said I was not hopelessly. It’s not hopelessly. And I felt with my skin that I should study more productive. Pay attention to important details of grammar and pronunciation.

The other thing is enviroment. There is a spacious room with one window. The grey wallpapers with no poster. But about ten stools with turning worktops where the textbooks were left and the orange shelves with books in the corner. There was no plinth and the dark coloured door seemed little oddly. On different doors are different plates with names of great cities.  At the table of administrator there was the timetable highlighted with few colours. Iron cups for pens (evidently from mass market) and the computer screen with the keyboard. From the open door of one class it was sounded russian-english translation from a young female pupil.

But outdoor it’s so autumn-like. So orange and fresh to walk to home.


2 thoughts on “English lesson 1”

  1. Hey, have you really thought you were hopeless in English?
    Not long ago in the similar situation I told my mom something that I even like myself: so many people from Asia arrive to Russia. The Russian language is not easy, but people manage to learn it more or less. Do they all have perfect language abilities? Not at all. A human being is capable of several languages, there is no doubt.

    1. Of course I had no doubt that I had ability to learn one or two languages. But there is always about 5 percent of hesitation and uncertainty.
      The notion that even native speakers make mistakes relieves. I think we’re not perfect even in russian, but we do.

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