The fair autumn is everywhere here. It lights me with vivid sunshine and fresh thoughts with clear air. To go along by the walking pupils in the park and reflect. I remember what Zhenya said us about her biology skills. For us she was a specialist, but with the tutor she felt herself like a first year pupil. And I feel the same at my lessons. Why do I understand most of audio I listen myself but it is still dufficult to find certain information in the exam’s audio? Sometimes it’s like  shooting. Or like tennis. You stand in front of your partner and bit every ball the best way you can. Especially it happens while we practice speaking. I should fast and correct answer the question I am not sure what to say even in russian. Such moments I realize how little I have done for my skills and how much I should do now to not be at the same level.
Getting more is not an easy process and it is naturally normal to feel myself little weak. Nobody and nothing promised me to give one moment result. The old lesson. Nothing worth comes without efforts. The only easy way is to stay the same with the same voids and ignorance. It’s not what I want.


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