Meet with Lena

It was yesterday midday when I recieved the text by Lena with the offer to meet. And quickly I agreed to go for a walk, especially at the time of such miraclous weather. The whole summer we all couldn’t wear summer like dresses and hid our legs in shorts. So that’s why I already two days prefer dresses. It doesn’t matter.

However, we met together near by the closest cinema theatre to my home. She prefered to come to a cafe and we directed through yards there. At the surface its were the grey skinny shorts, pink loose-fitting blouse with little rhinestones. Her white little bag with flower pattern was still there as the mini-tablet. She seemed me shorter than before but the same smiling and laughing on rubbish thing (I do the same). At the beginning as it often happens there was some distance and the difference between our conditions. Certainly on her background I’m an optimistic maker of decisions, but she is still on same point.

Later Lena said that she dislike to go the meets as everytime it all reduced to her dreams she had not and her plans she didn’t make. I listened her carefully and felt some pity. Her common understand is clear but certain decisions are lost in the fog. To grasp the idea that the manual labor is low-payed or that we should develop the great idea in the society is not so hard. But to make something farther maybe is. (not for me as we deduced I like to act\work\create). It is sadly to look at her and understand that she can do things better or even achieve some decent goal in her life but she doesn’t do more deliberated steps.

If she would be the first it amazed me, but exactly I can reckon her as fourth. It has already been the tendency of being lost after art college. What have happened that they all are so gloomy? Contradictions between study time and real life, or between the desire to be happy creator and the absence of response in the air of society. This is the point to contemplate about.

This question always sounds upset at the noisy evening cafe. We couldn’t be so frown and discussed some films she watched and I am adored. Frankly I spoke more than she as I have so much things to say. To begin with my dramatic entrance exams, to “Apocalypse now” and some new notions about life. This was the high-level enjoy to share your ideas with people who can partly understand you.

After two watery tea pots and the dessert we went outdoors. I was glad to meet with her dispite her not merry condition.


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