Meet and reflection.

It is noticably hot day for September during which we could enjoy “last” sunrays of summer. I wore black to go to barber shop. There I found my face very gloomy and unfriendly and couldn’t wonder at quiet hairdresser. Not only my face was thoughtful but senses too.  It’s not time to feel boring, but sometimes I do. As the cut had been finished the magic of barber shop turned on and I took ease.
En route to the bank I unexpectedly met Chukmareva. She was as usual light, fanny and pretty. While we were speaking I felt dufficalties at keeping the talk positive, personal. And without so much questions about other people. But I knew by her that girls are at the St.Petesbourg now and they work hard as waitresses. It confused me as evidently they tried more. But maybe my approach would give me better yields. I don’t know. It always confuses me, I mean questions like “Do I do everything right?” “Should I sacrifice with my confort for better chances?” And after quick delibiration I have concluded that I have no need in full year of preparation at SbP. Certainly I have the other way of life. And maybe I will always be doubting what decision would be better for me. So I have already taken the most of decisions and have to stay on track constantly.


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