By some reason, I do not feel what I would feel at the same position in the past. I mean this enviromental of home and limited amount of persons around, tasks of preparation etc. Enthusiasm and mindset of my total luckiness are my present leaders. I show at the whole situation as at a chance to get what I couldn’t take earlier. And the same time I have no dellusion about time. It still has strong limitation. This is what really helps me to stay alive – deadlines. The idea of being active and efficient during the whole day, weeks and months. The challenge to make my of timetable inspires. Yesterday I had done everything until sleeptime and made my agenda on the next month. What a head splittering it was? But the farther tranquility and concentration is quaranteed.
But insuffient of connections is the problem I should resolve. (I’ll tell later) Everyone must be able to speak (wonderfully) and I’m too.


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