So this is the Tuesday and I feel myself so exhusted as it lasted a hard week. But in reality nothing special happened these days. I connected with more number of people than two. Actually it started since friday when I and Nastya H. came to cinema (“The Intern”) and talked so much and so easy about different female things (you know what I mean). I eagerly kept up with not deepest themes and tryed to find a way to “see” her.

After that evening walking through fresh streets, it seemed so gloomily to make my homework to do my daily tasks and watch heavy art-house film as a part of my literal compaign. At sunday that condition was thrown away as I had bought the causual dress and walked in the shops alone.

Yesterday I was in the bank. labour exchange, laundry and came to the tutor. And only bank and tutor had been lucky. My jacket was hopeless and desire to sit for hours at the labour exchange was little. But I found the tutor to prepare to the state exams. She is mature and teach in the state univerisity of this republic. Her flat as her approach seemed me clear and understandable. And without a pause today I came to her again. We arranged to meet four times a week at 9 a.m. I hope but quess to be wrong that it won’t take much of me. Even today sitting in the cafe (actually it was food court) with my regular exercises and became so tired that my only wish was to arrive to the home and take shower. But this is the moment of not prevented growth. Muscles strenght when it’s a challenge.


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