So, it’s very simple: I just must to write something to justify my sitting in front of the screen so long.

The new lessons buffled me and I feel myself so strange to have work I have no wish to do and books I do not wish to reread again. But this is only way to have suitable result. The one of the secondary reasons (myself is the first) is the absence of talks. I should connect with people, maybe because of selfish purpose – to hear myself speaking about my own actions and see it clear. And also I should go out of home quite often and be physically at the other places. This is so strange to work here I mean to work but not to relax. It’s just a little thing and really I can overcome such notion.

One of my frequent emotion what distracks me is the wish of “real life” and “real experience”. I afraid to become a grey mouse who just study and have no real done things. But the point I should remind myself is that this issue has already been resolved. And it may be resolved in the way I don’t like fully. It doesn’t matter. I have some obligations in front of mom and myself.


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