study in show

The weather amazed me a lot at the morning. My first words were “Mom, is it showing I am still sleeping?”. I had the almost perfect dream about my study in Uni. As my alarmclock didn’t work I had run to the tutor without exercises and my usual morning meditation on the trees out of the window. The condition of weather seemed me very inspirating. It reminded european winter but not the mid of october. Fine snow and diversity of grey colours at the basic background of silence and emptiness (I should go out and shoot).

So, the lesson was vague. She asked me much about european weather (what the hell I spoke so much?!) and time was passing so slowly. Her lecture about that play wasn’t new for me and I just listened. We spent two academic hours because of talks and I paid only for one. My head had already been splitted and my only desire was to eat some snatch with a cup of tea and relax. I did so and run again for my english lesson. There I had so nice time but not study. We talked on themes but we all know how far I can go in talking. I made jokes and wasn’ t earnest enough to concentrate on tasks. So it was fun to speak english but exactly useless. At this stage of my development I have a full right to study grammar better (I have to I have to I have to, you see).

And now I want to do my homework! Allegadly I am a real student, ain’t it?


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