Yesterday unexpectedly friendly evening

I had been counting the cash by seven o’clock and packing my things when the massage was recieved. Mom came and I in my usual manner of jokes went away with her pursue. Immediately I had arrived to the wrong bus stop and was running through frozen streets.

It was the new cafe of the local pazzeria. They waved me from the balcony and I upstaired. The atmosphere was fun. My raised spirit was suitable and we talked much about anything with so much jokes and easiness. I made my routine fanny comments and ironical questions like hunters shoot. Sometimes I couldn’t even speak because of laugh. But actually we could discuss workers groups, shopping and books. Masha and me were in excitement when heard from each other that we both read the same author (Fitzgerald). She had an order for landscapes from chinese customers and bought the new cellphone. Nastya and Kate go to study. I even agreed with Kate about manicure. Everything was easy as nobody was in stress and nothing distracked us. Only the closing time.

Streets were cold but friendly. I was maybe too excited with feel of New Year day that couldn’t make out the strong pragmatism of Nastya and her boy. We laughed almost everytime and said good bye in the same manner.


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