The October continuous to be rainy and wet. Water what is everywhere opened my eyes and brushed senses up. I see so much beautiful things, so much textures and colours that the task to be practical has became pointless. The last music of classic british singers is in the headphones.

While the tutor’s lesson I thought through the idea to give it up. Maybe I’m whimsical student but the unfamiliar way of study, breaks to talk about cats and medicine and the main reason – the price are dubious for me. It is all nothing if it be priceless, but I pay so much and percieve the financial pressure on my skin. This makes me anxious and inefficient.

But after a cup of coffee with ice-cream I came to english and did everything imperfect. I mean that I had mistakes as usual but I tryed to express my ideas. And as the topic was social we could discuss schemes of different city Council. After the lesson I had been so refreshed and renewed as after run.


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