The friday of snow and meet

It was the day more filled than my usual ones. I was so excited by life at the morning, maybe because of my deductions at the last evening or because of unexpected  sun and piece of blue sky.
With the tutor I was very active and enjoyed my speaking on themes (I mean literature). Of course she deviated from the main topic and told me some stories which had a little concern to the Lermontov’s life. During the lesson the weather had changed totally and it had already been showing.
On the energy of inner excitment I could read science articles in route for being prepared for english. This time we really discussed science and ethic.
But then in the evening I went to the meeting with unknown american man. At the white study room I was the only post 18 person. There were two older females but overwhelmingly people were pupils. I sat at the first row and could observe everything completely. After the introduction he unexpectedly had begun with me to ask. His questions were about present position and plans on future. He did a great deal of jokes and naturally delighted the process of presentation. But it wasn’t about something special. He made some advices for pupils how to find their favourite business and then answered some questions. I hope my english is much better than people there had. Mostly pupils aren’t sure or even don’t know what to do in their life. So questions were general about difference between people of America and Russia, about education and inspiration for life. I really like the side  of american mentality that they with so confidence say “You can do it. Others people could, so you can do it too.” Basically he was very friendly and clever enough to say that the common idea of dull americans doesn’t mean everybody with USA’s passport and of course that ethically they are invalid. (I hear the nation about immoral western world from my tutor so often that I wanna be right in the idea of more complex world) And the main thing I got is the two hours of listening the real life speaking. I even asked and answered him (it would be silly to be shy beyond these pupils). So the mind is full of english now.


The day of refreshment. After the sleepy, gloomy condition and angry with everything in my life, I have got better mind. The crucial moment was the speaking during taking the shower. It’s like a visit to phycho-therapist but without any payment. It is so important to hear one’s own voice uttering sentences full of sense. I don’t want to repeat the ideas here as it would be the absolute destroy of them but I wanna say that it’s so relevant sometimes to have the obstacles.
My mind is clear.

Mom speaks about throwing the cat away, I don’t know. Tricky question of ethic. (Never choose a pet for a family only yourself – involve them) The town has began to shine with the New Year decoration. Even though I failed my visit to the exhibition, it was full of new pictures around. Inspiration.

Calm at saturday

What a day it has been? Routine working day. There were less people than usual and I could read (not effective because of the loud music). Since the very morning it was clear that it would have been a quiet day. In the town snowstorm was walking to and fro. To come to the work what is so near to my home was so unpleasant that I even was glad to stay in four walls. One day of thousand I prefered to be in cozy and boring enviroment.
The great deal of morning I printed thesises for local students (two girls came three times) and sold a lot of batteries. Then there were two little orders for printing photos (as usual childer) and few sold frames. Oh, I remember a woman who spoke only with changing tune of her voice “White whIte? Blue blUe?”. Than the regular custom the chessman came to copy some of books. As usual in his light blue scarf. There was once more interesting woman who was talking with companion very long time to make out should or not she print certificates? Those were certificates on female trainings. I don’t know maybe some psychological meets about intersex relationship. At the middle of the day I had so clear mind about my life that gave up my perfectionism and made a very short video rotating around myself. Kinda abstract and emotional condition of work.
The last two hours I almost hadn’t any buyers and could end up quietly. I even listened some useful youtube videos.