Calm at saturday

What a day it has been? Routine working day. There were less people than usual and I could read (not effective because of the loud music). Since the very morning it was clear that it would have been a quiet day. In the town snowstorm was walking to and fro. To come to the work what is so near to my home was so unpleasant that I even was glad to stay in four walls. One day of thousand I prefered to be in cozy and boring enviroment.
The great deal of morning I printed thesises for local students (two girls came three times) and sold a lot of batteries. Then there were two little orders for printing photos (as usual childer) and few sold frames. Oh, I remember a woman who spoke only with changing tune of her voice “White whIte? Blue blUe?”. Than the regular custom the chessman came to copy some of books. As usual in his light blue scarf. There was once more interesting woman who was talking with companion very long time to make out should or not she print certificates? Those were certificates on female trainings. I don’t know maybe some psychological meets about intersex relationship. At the middle of the day I had so clear mind about my life that gave up my perfectionism and made a very short video rotating around myself. Kinda abstract and emotional condition of work.
The last two hours I almost hadn’t any buyers and could end up quietly. I even listened some useful youtube videos.


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