outstanding day in the tipography

I completely forgot how was it – feel after working day.

Mom asked me to help to the designer with the order as the second one was ill. As usual with her it appeared a long day with several pauses. Zhenya was friendly as usual though I heard her displausure about work. It’s unchangable and her little garland is the only New Year decoration in the cluttered office. I could not work there and be inspired every day in such muss.

At the dinner break I did a little trip to the other district and percieved the cold weather fully. Evidently it’s the winter.

There was much delay and I went home and back instead of working. Finally we got our film for laminating and I had all pages done.

Simultaniously there remains only two weeks before New Year day and street are decoratated a bit. In crisis style.


4 thoughts on “outstanding day in the tipography”

  1. Are the streets so poorly decorated? There are quite a lot of lights in Samara, although I haven’t been to most districts, but I go from work through several central streets in the evening.

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