This day is completely fruitless. Mom still has the vacation (partly) and there is so little place for both of us. I realize that doing things at home kinda fake work\study. Everyone should have a place for main activity, even if it’s a table among others tables. The enviroment where all people work is for work, where they relax for rest.

I should be strong enough and push myself up. Star Wars’ story within me like a lighthouse in the sea. We rewatch every film at evenings and until there were any better than new one. Mysteries make things better.

At my old blog there are a lot of notes about the spring of 2013. I though I was great with strict time table and excellent efficiency. But they all are about sadness. Now I’m not the same. Basically my notes now are about development rather than about reflections. I could write a lot of words about silly senses of loneliness but I don’t. It’s quite unnessesary. Now I feel strong desire of leap forward. But for this I chould forget slowness and hesitations.

I have already started the sketchbook gotten at the birthday.


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