Last vacation’s day

This day is off. I denied to pore over the books these two final days. Immediately I understood that vacation wasn’t good enough. I tryed to study and then to rest. It’s not a good strategy. Long vacation with working mom are kinda confussing. I should clear computer up and read something. But I didn’t want to strain myself.

My great passion of this time was Star Wars. Everyday I did morning notes about it. It has so strong energy that I even think to go to theatre again if I’ll have time. It was real delight for me to wait until evening and then watch the next film, worry and enjoy. I even cryed on the end of the third and sixth parts (it’s quiet seldom in my case). This is absolutely perfect for time off when we haven’t any pressure and don’t want to think deeply. But energy is so strong that I can jump to and fro smiling and making jokes. As well as it was with Harry Potter. But now I try to stay adequate and not to find any kind of information about it. Films are enough.

Today we rode the slide at the Bay. It was so fun to use the pocket firstly and be in dangerous. Then I tryed to rule the sleigh and couldn’t get any result because of cinstruction. Basically it was fun, but huge amount of children and chaos because of them. And as it was made for children riding was too safety, slow and boring. I could get the satisfaction fully.

But weather was great and just being outdoors was delightful.


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