Sunday before a little trip

I leave my home for few days and feel really good about it despite the headache.

Today it was the second day I woke up at working time and had no problem with it (yes, I still struggle with this habit). At the university I was the second student came early. The first was the girl from the college. We could start the day with positive talks and jokes. I couldn’t restrain myself from acting in front of the young other girl we’d made aquantance with. During the lesson I caught myself at the thought that I have a passionate interest into dramatic plot (even in traditional russian literature). As usual I answered most of questions (just to exam myself) and observed other girls who were sitting in the frozen poses.

At the middle of the lecture a boy entered the study and sat at the back row. I was really intrigued because that boy was my coursemate. Being interested in his present situation however it wasn’t hard to wait and be calm about talks. I went to him, asked something and he blurted out a lot of tiny details. He went to the academy (at the autumn, I presume) and now he worked in the museum as a worker. Ksenia went to the local pedagogical department immediately on the second course and some other persons made motions to and fro too. Interesting. He did not change at all. The same manners to go out without any notice.

During the trolley-bus track we (me and another Nastya) talked a lot about academies and institutes as usual. As usual it was fun and easy. Basically with slightly known people.

The rest of the day I spend with computer and calendar thinking about spare time.

I’m going to make notes en route to Moscow because I feel that some clarification about really deep things of my own life should be written down.


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