Notes at the work

This day passed fast and remained few casual impressions by people.
At the end of the working day while I was listening the new female seller who tryed to get sale, I had realized that I can see people. In some way. Looking at her I saw the haughty woman who presume herself eligible to demand some special offers for her as well as special big earings and special gigantic necklace for the deep blue dress. Too ornate for the regular working day. Such persons wriggle anyway to get wanted. And she required all my attentions just for her. Of course I took her order on usual basis and felt free.
There are a lot of queers in this world and none of normals. I’ve this idea because the most ordinary people look like weirdo. They either can’t speak understandinble or get what they want. They have some unreal dreams about products that rather childish than adequate. They’re strange, maybe beautiful maybe ugly. They prefer to take photos of little nude babys, some celebrations and nothing about themselves.
How could I learn to determine the customer’s purpose by the look I don’t know. But I can make out that one is going to order photos, others print urgent documents or make copies, third to look at some goods and contemplate over the choice, fourth with full force tries to find thing of their demand.
I make a lot of jokes on their uncomplete phrases. Kind of: “May I printer?” “Would you like me given it to you?” or they can stretch the flash card without a word and I answer something like “Oh, it’s for me!” Yes, I can be silly and answer on questions with questions.
People are strange but quiet predictable and typical a bit. Especially young mothers. They have the same eyes which mostly reflect life of routine and practical attitude to much things.


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