Let it be the post about anything.
After so much years living with the idea of me like a sociopathic person I’ve got that it’s not the truth. Now my connections are minimal but this is the reason of my passivity. There is a lot of boredom and rubbish during the day. And what a pleasure to talk with anyone. This delight is so basic and wide. It resemble on my surprise at the end of the study. Then I could go along the workshops and talk with people in friendly interested way because I was.
Even though the next two months are to have my total preparation for the state exams. And this is the main. I repeat it again and again. But after the dinner I feel like struggle with the great wish to go outdoors and act.
And now I really amazed with my allowness to study drama as well as visual arts.
Read Atonement by McEwan. He is the only author who came from school time to my life after twenty.


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