I make mistakes in my literature’s summaries unwillingly mixing russian and english. Too much noise in my head to keep. I understand all of artists, they do not create something from nothing, likely they clear their mind in estetic way. So should I. (not at this page)

My speaking is quiet scant. Two hours per week with the russian speaking teacher isn’t enough to get the impressive progress. However, it isn’t the purpose for me until taking exams. The truth is that I have one day behind in my neat organised preparation plan. And there are four big tasks for weekend with one working day. And typically for me to walk back from the heap of tasks. Control freak is going to panic when things have gone out of the supervision.

There is the blizzard and whole streets are in snow. I feel a bit ill and lazy. (common!! Let’s be super active!) My cup of tea with a lemon speaks opposite. As a basically health person it’s hard to take any unhealthy condition not as a reason for being slow.

I’m going to meet with Nastya today despite all my upset with her being mute. I will be easy going and fun. I would prefer to make a step forward in our relationship and improve it some way. But the same time there is no reason to press on her with hard conversations and deep views. It’s ridiculous. I’ve already decided to enjoy it rather than suffer.


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