Medical day

I’ve gone to the ophtalmologist’s centre and done my examination.

There were not much people. At the first room the acquaintance examined basic points which remained the same. Then it was the burst of dry air into my eyes and direction to the same study where I was the last time. And so, my strabismus decreased because of the glasses. But then it appeared that I had pre-retinal rupture and it need to be correct.

The service was gentle and people were interesting. I enjoyed my observation before the young doctor with the beads and fashion boots as well as young beautiful and gentle woman who actully examined my retina. I was alone but felt so open among closed people at the corridor.

I managed to survive after that surreal examination at which I could see branches of own eyes.

After I was registered for the operation I went out of the building through the blur doors. Sun appeared and lighted gloomy houses of suburb as well as white uncleaned snow. Such moment I’m more self-confident, happy and pleased than at daily life. Because the check point I couldn’t do so long I’d done then. Music life, images, dreams in a word feeling good.

But I really forgot that my weekly plan has destroyed with the need for visits to the hospital.