Some thoughts about institutions

Frankly, I have nothing to say but the alternative to writing is the study of Saltykov-Shedrin’s prose (but I must anyway). Today I strangely feel bored maybe because of some more sleep or studying “Oblomov”.

I look out of the window, there are only grey colours and gloomy wind. In contrary to my great inspiration last days. Excitement of spring’s approach of light and colour, of new things, great deal of ideas.

The advice I took from the youtuber was to look how universities’ sites are established, do they really want to attract student. If I look at the vgik’s site this way it’ll seem bleak closed and soviet time’s institution (not SPbU). However, the decision is made. I’ll be there again in march and there’ll be opportunity to look for the time table as well as the curriculum. I know very well that this institution isn’t exactly what I personally want see in the studying place, but choices are limited and nothing isn’t a good choice. I still have the same desires and begin to get across how people live with one idea the whole life.