Sunday mood

New sunday morning I woke up at time, drunk my coffee and got out of home to the freeze slippery roads. One of the wonderful things at sunday is morning. Most of people sleep some additional hours among white sheets. But as I have my courses at the morning of this day I must get up. There is no regret as beauty of empty and calm square appeazes even better than few moments of sleep.


We were writing the essay. The text seemed to me kind of programm, there were some evident contradictions and evident stupidity (to my mind). It was the story happened at the Sweden war, but the deduction┬áthe author clinged to this story wasn’t suitable. I would say it was a story about amount of emperor’s power under┬áhis army even in moral issues rather than about brave army itself. Let it be. Exam is exam. Surprisingly, I’d got twenty of twenty three because of one grammar mistake (be careful, girl) and one little defect in the phrase.

This time college’s girl did not come and I had to go home alone though I was happy with it. My mind required the huge clarification after yesterday’s working day.

The old barbershop where I cut my hair being six years old is still near to my house. The choice of barbers is random stuff what changes from time to time. Today it was funny blonde woman who offered me little modifications which I agreed. She was so involved into process that couldn’t talk as the last one did. So I’ve got my hair dressed in order and mind is clear.

The flat is empty and I have the place and time to have remained things done.