Calm Sunday

It was the day of elevated mood and idle delight.

The morning was perfectly quiet when I woke up later than usual. No university’s course today, just traditional puncakes with banana and cottage cheese. Another series of “Jewish happiness” – about contraditions within the society. The seriousness of questions hadn’t affected my high spirit otherwise it was of interest.

Then my least favour time of cleaning up. Nothing to say. I wasn’t very enthusiastic and really wanted to go out of the flat.

The weather is fresh though grey. Streets are clean enough to enjoy walking. Mom told me about the friend of father who had a credit. In the trade center we went to and fro. I looked at the clothes with a lot of wondering like in a museum. We both were glad to touch excellent coats in the new shop. At my favourite shop I tasted a very fashionable pattern of coat and it appeared to suit me. Although I was like a military. Mom talked little with me and I felt a bit that my words were rather monologue than dialogue.

But we were happy to have played bowling the first time. She managed to do few strikes while sometimes I couldn’t keep the bowl on the track. Anyway it was absolutely fun to try something new. At the end of the day we took some rolls for the dinner, unfortunately the choice wasn’t good.

The way home mom told me so much about German lifestyle that I offered her to study the language.

2016-02-19 13-31-53 - 0107

In spite of all tiny distractions I like such kind of days when I can relax and be sure that I must not do some work. Get it done within the weekdays.


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