Despite foggy weather and dirty transport it is a really good day. I was shaking almost an hour in the bus with the narratation of Bernard Shaw’s play. It’s snowing wet, all things including cellphone were dripping. But at the ortodontist’s there was good not expected news. I really had forgotten that some day my braces had to be removed.  And this day will come soon. Good news! And this is so strange that the whole year I had the ability to come there because of my little summer setback. No more than destiny (in the way I can believe in it).

янв 004 (2)

However, my attitude to the idea of destiny has changed a lot for last two years. I believed in signs and laws of university which would say me something about future. Now I rather self-believer than the blind fatalist. There is a destiny but our destiny is to take part in our own lives actively. Nobody should excuse yourself with destiny or something else like genes or current social or financial  status. It’s even much better to not to believe in fate at all. It can be but in particular case forgetting about some great power is good for realizing our own power on life. Speak as a couch. Anyway, I think so.


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