It’s still light outdoors. Still light and still icy.

My day was quite strange. As usual I lazily did my morning literature’s theory, read the poems and switched to making the new avatar. And what I discovered about myself is that I can’t change my face. I mean the expression which I did not like at all. There is something to change. The inner condition or make up or both.

Speaking today was a bit better than last time and she noticed this. We discussed colour exhibition which was interesting for us. I wasn’t smart enough with tasks I didn’t understand why. I want to be smarter it is true.

2016-02-19 13-30-12 - 0095

The strange thing happened with me at the dentist’s. I was late and then got vertigo by anaesthesia. After the process I gave almost all my money without realizing the situation. But I couldn’t ride home without any money. And I went to the bank where I cashed so little sum that someone else would shame. And Sun went out of clouds.

Strange day. I feel a bit tired with all my preparation and the same time feel potetial of my willpower to get even more than I planned. I can do things.


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